The aerial hoop is classically known as the ‘Lyra, which means "of the iyre or song", a name apt for its birth as a “lyric hoop" act first presented in 1893. It can be performed static, spinning or swinging, and artists are able to experiment with numerous poses and transitions using the entire solid frame. Although there are more variations to the shape these days, the traditional circular steel hoop is still the most universal of the lot.


Aerial classes for Hoop are available in two separate formats: Shapes & Transitions and Flow.


The aerial hammock is derived from aerial silks, with the fabric forming a sling instead of two separate silk poles. While aerial yoga is a growing fitness trend these days, at Aerial and Floor, we specialise in teaching acrobatic and dance movements using this versatile apparatus.


Aerial classes for Hammocks are available in two separate formats: Shapes & Transitions and Flow.




You have mastered the basic tricks on the apparatus and like the idea of stringing all the moves together in a fluid aerial dance.

The Flow class teaches a 3-5 minute choreographed routine over 8 weeks, focusing on musicality and artistry. It is also a form of cardio exercise that will train your stamina.


Basic (Term Class):

Put what you were taught in the Basic S&T course in a stylised choreography. You will also learn basic floor work, and transitions from the floor to the apparatus.


Pre-requisite: Completed the Basic S&T course and are able to do proper inversions.



Intermediate 1 (Term Class):

You are sensing the performer blood in you, and are ready to unleash your creativity.

Complex sequences that are more challenging than in the Basic Flow class will be taught. You are encouraged to experiment with various shapes, and develop your own unique style.


Pre-requisite: Completed Flow Basic and Intermediate 1 S&T courses.



You have been taking aerial classes, and want to maybe achieve that pull-up or invert that you’ve been struggling with, or perhaps work on your fundamental skills such as hangs, balances and rolls.


Aerial Conditioning is a supplementary open class that uses precise and effective exercises to strengthen your foundation and condition your body till it’s ready to tackle more advanced moves on the apparatus.


Expect a whole body workout that increases your strength, stamina, endurance and tone!



You are interested in trying out or keen on mastering the aerial artform.

Shapes and Transitions is the progressive syllabus that the aerial courses are based on. You will learn the techniques and tricks on the aerial apparatus of your choice. At the end of each term over 8 weeks, you will gain a whole new repertoire of tricks which include creating beautiful shapes on the apparatus and transitions between moves.


Intro (Open Class):

You are a beginner to aerial arts, and are looking to try out a fun and unusual activity or a new fitness regime. We welcome anyone to join the introductory classes for the hoop - you’ll fall in love with the apparatus!



Basic (Term Class):

You enjoyed your first few experiences with the aerial apparatus, and would like to learn more tricks on it.

At Aerial and Floor, we believe that students should establish a proper  foundation for aerial arts by first learning and mastering the basic techniques. You will learn basic inversions, mounts and sits, as well as the proper form of getting into basic shapes and transitions on the apparatus.


This course is also recommended for people who want to revise or refine their fundamental skills.


Pre-requisite: Attended at least 4 Intro classes.



Intermediate 1 (Term Class):

You have mastered your basic tricks and would like to take on more challenges on the apparatus.

In the intermediate level 1 course, you will learn more advanced combinations of tricks that will require more agility and flexibility.


Pre-requisite: Completed the S&T Basic term course.



Intermediate 2 (Term Class):

You are well on your way to becoming an advanced aerialist!

Levelling up is always exciting. Expect to learn simple rolls, pops and moves that requires greater strength and flexibility.


Pre-requisite: Completed the S&T Intermediate 1 course.


Recommended attire: Leggings, tank top, socks/leg warmers.


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