Students can choose either or both options - open class and term class.


Open class operates on a drop-in basis that allows you to try out the available courses on your first few visits, and also gives you the flexibility to fit the classes according to your busy schedule. Applicable to Hoop/Hammock/Trapeze Intro, Acro Fit (Open), Active Flex, Aerial Conditioning & Fundamentals, Handstand Foundation, Low Flow.


Term class adheres to a course syllabus which is systematic and progressive. An 8-week long commitment is required per term. This option is highly recommended if you are keen to advance further in your chosen skill - grow with your teacher and classmates! Applicable to Hoop/Hammock/Trapeze Shapes & Transitions, Hoop/Hammock/Trapeze Flow, Acro Fit (Term), Handstand (Term).


Most classes are 70 mins long - we find this to be the most practical length of time for students to fully grasp the curriculum during each class. Only the weekday lunchtime classes have a shorter 60 min duration.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information regarding the course details, we will be able to advise you on classes suitable for your level and your availability.



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