You want to be able to do a handstand.


Over this basic term course of 8 weeks, you will work on fundamental techniques that will help you gain greater awareness of specific muscle groups, and strengthen those involved in executing a handstand eventually.


This class is suitable for beginners.



In this term course, students will use the fundamental skills learnt in Handstand 1 to do continuous conditioning, and also understand proper alignment to eventually progress into a handstand. Students may need to repeat this level until they are able to execute a free-standing handstand verified by the instructor.


You want to achieve arm balancing moves, muscle-ups or levers on rings through effective and efficient conditioning.


Classes are conducted in sets of exercises on gym rings and on the floor, working on the pull-and-push strength. Students will eventually gain strength through Acro Fit which helps to achieve arm balance poses such as Crow pose or even a Croc pose, and ring moves from a pull-up to muscle-up.


This class is open to students of all levels.


You want to improve your body’s range of motion.


This open class aims to increase your all-round flexibility through safe and effective methods. With active engagement of the right muscles, you will be able to strengthen and stabilise your range of motion.


Flexibility training requires dedication. Beginner students can start off by attending the class once a week, but we highly recommend that students come twice or more every week, and commit to a regular routine over a long period in order to achieve significant progress - no shortcuts!


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