For the passionate, the grounded, and those who are not afraid to fly

Being avid lovers of aerial and acrobatic arts, Denjz and Eunice materialised their long-held dreams in June 2017 to open Aerial and Floor, an aerial fitness space at the heart of Chinatown.


The dynamic duo has a clear vision - make aerial and acrobatics arts achievable and relevant for any person, and groom passionate individuals keen on pursuing this art form professionally. They strongly believe that freedom of expression should be a way of life, and hope Aerial and Floor will be the inspirational haven where everyone is welcome to explore and experiment with their desired art form.


Drawing from their experiences after years of teaching acrobatic fitness, Eunice and Denjz have tailored a comprehensive syllabus for their classes to suit individuals from all walks of life. They aim to reach out to all generations, and inspire many others to make aerial and acrobatic arts an integral part of their lifestyle.


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