What is the difference between the open classes and term classes?

Open classes operate on a drop-in basis which allows you to sign up for classes whenever it fits your schedule. The booking of these classes require credits purchased from our open class packages. The open classes operating now are Acro Fit (Open), Active Flex, Aerial Conditioning & Fundamentals, Hammock Intro, Handstands Foundation, Hoop Intro, and Trapeze Intro.


Term classes require 8 weeks of commitment as the courses each follow a progressive syllabus. Students have to purchase the single term package and enrol in their chosen term course(s) at least one day before the commencement of the first class. The term classes operating now are Acro Fit (Term), Hammock Shapes & Transitions Basic/Intermediate/Advance, Hammock Flow Basic/Intermediate/Advance, Handstand (Term), Hoop Shapes & Transitions Basic/Intermediate/Advance, Hoop Flow Basic/Intermediate/Advance, Trapeze Shapes & Transitions Basic.


Can I use my open class credits to sign up for term classes?

Students are allowed to use their open class credit to sign up for only the first class of every term course. However, newcomers utilising the 3-class trial package are not allowed to do so, sorry!


My open class/practice package is expiring soon but I am unable to finish my credits before that! Is it possible to extend the package?

Yes! The open class package can be extended for 1 month for a fee of $30. The practice package can be extended for 1 month for a fee of $20.


What is the time allowance for open class cancellations?

Class cancellations have to be made at least 12 hours prior to the commencement of the booked session, otherwise it will be forfeited. If you manage to cancel before the 12 hour window, the credit will be added back into your account for usage before the expiry of the open class package.

If the studio cancels a class that you have registered and paid for, the credit will be added back into your account.


Aerial and Floor reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or change any class or workshop where the minimum enrolment number is not met, up to and including the date of its scheduled occurrence. Refund requests will be considered at the discretion of Aerial and Floor. It is highly recommended that students utilise their open class package credits before the expiry date - we will not extend the validity of the credit used on the last day of the package, even if the booked class gets cancelled.  However, you can opt to pay $25 to extend your package for 1 month.


I signed up for a term course, but I may be missing a couple of sessions - am I allowed to attend make-up classes?

You will have to notify the studio management in advance if you will be absent for one (or more) of the sessions during the term. We will try to suggest a make-up booking for aerial practice, or another term class teaching the same discipline at equal or lower level. However it will be subject to availability of spots in the class, and the make-up class has to be done within the same term. For example, if you are enrolled in Hoop Flow Advance 1, you can do the make-up class with Hoop S&T Basic/Intermediate, Hoop Intro, or Aerial Practice.

Please take some time to read through our Make-Up Class Policy before contacting us to arrange.


I’m not feeling well or have injured myself, and can't attend the class I’ve booked - can I get my credit back?

Students who are unable to attend class due to illness or injury must submit a copy of the medical certificate (MC) issued by their doctor with the date and duration of rest stated - we will only accept the MC if the date and period coincides with the date of the affected class. We will process the class credit refund once we receive and verify the validity of the MC.

If you are advised to take a longer period of rest, the studio management will consider such special cases based on the duration recommended by the doctor, before deciding to either allow a package extension or make-up class.


I don’t have any physical fitness background, and I’m not fit at all - will the classes be too challenging for me?

The open classes cater to any level so beginners are welcome! You can do the exercises to the best of your abilities, so don't worry about not being flexible or strong at all - you gain that over time with consistent work. We all start from somewhere!


I am under 18  years old - am I allowed to join your classes?

Persons under the age of 18 will require parental/guardian consent prior to the classes, and your parent/guardian have to be present to sign the indemnity form on your behalf.


How do I book classes?

Our class booking system is operated by Mindbody, which means you can download their app on your phones and book classes on our schedule. You will have to first register as a student here. After your registration has been submitted, you should be able to start booking the open classes! Payment for your open class credit or package can be made in cash/bank transfer/NETS prior or on the day of your first class.

Term enrolment requires you to contact us directly either by leaving a message on our Contact page or via our Facebook page.


I have learned aerial hoop/hammock/trapeze/other aerial apparatus before, can I join a class that suits my level of ability?

You can contact us and request for a skill level assessment, we can arrange a session with the instructor and he/she will be able to place you at the appropriate level.


What is the appropriate attire for the classes?

We recommend wearing tank tops or sleeved tops and leggings, with elbow/knee guards and socks optional for protection against fabric/hoop/trapeze burns for aerial classes. Please do not wear any jewellery and other accessories as they may catch on the apparatus and cause injury.


What facilities are available at Aerial And Floor?

Cubbyholes are free to use for all students to stash belongings inside while classes are ongoing. Our pantry has a filtered water system for anyone to hydrate themselves after their workout! For those that need a caffeine jolt in the mornings (or afternoons, we know how it’s like), you can purchase a Nespresso capsule from the reception counter and insert that into our machine for a wonderful cuppa joe - just make sure you clean up nicely after that! We have one washroom that’s next to the pantry.


I'm unable to attend class due to an illness or injury - what should I do?

Students who are unable to attend class due to illness or injury must submit a copy of the medical certificate (MC) issued by their doctor with the date and duration of rest stated, and must submit it within the period stated on the MC. The remaining credits in the package will be accounted for only from the date that we receive the MC . For example, if you receive the MC on 1 April 2023 for 7 days of rest, and you send the MC to us on 3 April 2023, only the remaining credits/classes from 3 April 2023 can be extended for make-up or booking. We will arrange the make-up class(es) or booking(s) with you once we have received the official MC.




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