You want to be able to do a handstand.


The Handstand Foundation course teaches fundamental techniques that help you gain greater awareness of specific muscle groups, and build up the relevant muscles you need for a good handstand form.


The programme includes essential exercises that work on shoulder mobility, general strength and handstand form training to prepare your body into being able to execute a handstand eventually.


Classes are open to students for all levels - beginners are welcomed!



You have achieved good progress in the Handstand Foundation classes.


Students who have attended the Handstand Foundation classes regularly for a period of time may be promoted to the Handstand term course. You will be able to receive a more personal guidance from the instructor to fine-tune your handstand, and track your progress together more effectively over the longer commitment of 8 weeks per term.


Pre-requisite: Attended Handstand Foundation classes regularly, will be assessed by instructor before being promoted.



You want to become stronger, but aren’t sure how.


This introductory class caters to absolute beginners who want to build upper body strength. Basic exercises that incorporate the use of body weight and apparatus such as gym rings will be taught to engage push, pull and aerial inversion mobility. Students can hope to eventually execute push-ups and pull-ups through consistent and dedicated training, and also gain more awareness about muscle engagement.



You want to become stronger through effective and efficient training.


Through various exercises that use equipment such as gym rings, students will be able to gain strength, and understand the purpose of the pull-and push movements that can help achieve difficult moves and transitions on the aerial apparatus and acrobatic floor work. Some of the fundamental objectives include executing a proper push up, levers and arm balances.


This class is open to students of all levels. The level of each class may be adjusted to cater to the average standard of the students, and appropriate variations will be provided to suit the level of some individuals.



You want to track your progress with the instructor.


Strength Fit (Term) essentially uses the same training format as Strength Fit (Open), but with the longer commitment of 8 weeks per term, so students will be able to track their progress effectively under the guidance of the instructor.


Students will also be given targets to aim for and achieve before they are allowed to move up to higher term levels. With regular companions in the same course, students can become Strength Fit buddies to motivate one another!


You want to improve your body’s range of motion.


This open class aims to increase your all-round flexibility through safe and effective methods. With active engagement of the right muscles, you will be able to strengthen and stabilise your range of motion.


Flexibility training requires dedication. Beginner students can start off by attending the class once a week, but we highly recommend that students come twice or more every week, and commit to a regular routine over a long period in order to achieve significant progress - no shortcuts!



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